Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

2013 Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest Winners and Official Finalists.

International Screenwriters' Association Grand Prize Winner

Bitumen Blues written by Nattalia Lea


Gold Prize Winner - Dimestore Saint written by Nate Lane

Silver Prize Winner - Searching for Asia written by Garey Riester

Bronze Prize Winner - Master Guardian written by Scott Perloff


Gold Prize Winner - The Candlestick Maker written by Jeanne Schieffer

Silver Prize Winner - These Kids are Dangerous written by James Sullivan

Bronze Prize Winner - The Secret of Sleep written by Joshua Katz


Gold Prize Winner - Far From Tooting written by Brad Peppard and Mark Orr

Silver Prize Winner - Million Mile Mark written by Rob Artigo

Bronze Prize Winner - Forgive Not Their Trespasses written by John J. Maffucci

Family Film

Gold Prize Winner - Frozen Summer written by Oktay Ege Kozak

Silver Prize Winner - Benjamin the Great written by Scott Ruane

Bronze Prize Winner - Alleluia written by Anne Katherine

Historical / Biographical

Gold Prize Winner - Do Not Go Gentle written by Haris Orkin

Silver Prize Winner - Charleston Harbor written by Scott Sublett

Bronze Prize Winner - Becoming Kenya written by Pam Powell

Science Fiction

Gold Prize Winner - Space Walk written by Doug Mason

Silver Prize Winner - Forged written by Kenlon Clark

Bronze Prize Winner - Seeds written by Guillaume Fradin


Gold Prize Winner - Once Upon A Time In LA written by Phillp Hardy

Silver Prize Winner - Grand & Humble written by Brent Hartinger

Bronze Prize Winner - Innuendo written by Saara Lamberg


Gold Prize Winner - When Babies Cry written by Mary Beth Holland

Silver Prize Winner -The 49th Day written by Craig Peters

Bronze Prize Winner - Anastasia's Pyramid written by Carlos Burgaleta

Concepts / Treatments

Gold Prize Winner - Hooked on Mutts written by Emilie Clark

Silver Prize Winner - Clean-Up Crew written by Likaya Green

Bronze Prize Winner - iGod written by Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Stage Plays

Gold Prize Winner - The Cannibal King written by Melissa Harkness

Silver Prize Winner - The Waldorf Astoria written by Tony Muscio

Bronze Prize Winner - Going Solo written by Robert Gately and Drew Keil

TV - Existing Series 

Gold Prize Winner - The Big Bang Theory "The Procrastination Expiration" written by David Minaskanian

Silver Prize Winner - New Girl "Happy Campers" written by Adi Blotman

Bronze Prize Winner - Shades of Grey written by Shila Jones

TV - Original Pilot 

Gold Prize Winner - The Blue Circus written by Dennis Foley

Silver Prize Winner - Emancipation written by Richard Redlo

Bronze Prize Winner - Adrenaline written by Ram Getz

Short Script Competition

Gold Prize Winner - Give My Love to Rose written by Michael Sieve

Silver Prize Winner - Pretty Boy written by Cameron Thrower

Bronze Prize Winner - Trunk written by Mario Di Pesa


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