Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

2016 Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest Winners and Official Finalists.

Grand Prize Award

Bob's Burgers: Goatee written by Colin McCall

Action / Adventure Competition

Gold - Cold Image written by Ian Keiser, Shaun Lapacek

Silver - Beyond The Painted Line written by Theresa Tierney

Bronze - Los Huesos written by Daniel Daskalakis

Comedy Competition

Gold - Maggie Rocks written by Guy Francisco Polin

Silver - Sexy Little Nothings written by Lexa Houska

Bronze - Pure written by Maggie Rowe

Concepts / Treatments Competition

Gold - Runaway Hamsters written by Alyce Tzue

Silver - Fixed written by Trevor Worley

Bronze - Highway of Tears written by Justin Scott

Drama Competition

Gold - East of Mecca written by Shelia Flaherty

Silver - The Experiment written by Jeffrey Allen Russel and Lynda Lemberg

Bronze - Last Stop written by Tommy McInnis

Family Film Competition

Gold - Frankie & Chair written by Johan Ingler

Silver - Kids Rule written by Jill Gurr

Bronze - A Kite Tale written by Timothy Ware

Historical / Biographical Competition

Gold - Brave Hearts written by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel

Silver - Vilna written by Matt Huston

Bronze - Hoxie 21 written by Marc Moody

Horror Competition

Gold - Bad Trip written by Daniel Hartigan

Silver - Apartment 69 written by Skyler Hardegree

Bronze - The Prince of Earth written by Mike Robinson

Thriller Competition

Gold - Blind Blood written by Michael Marco

Silver - Hemophilia written by Guy Francisco Polin

Bronze - Personal Glory written by Guido Rovatti

TV - Existing Series Competition

Gold - Silicon Valley "Background Check" written by Jason Kessler

Silver - The Big Bang Theory: MacGyver Minimization written by Carlo Nicdaov

Bronze - Silicon Valley -- 'Dinesh Saves Christmas 1982’written by Bo Price

TV - Original Pilot Competition

Gold - People Must Die written by Eric Close

Silver - Pinwheel written by Johnny Ellsworth

Bronze - Flintown written by Cory Huizar

Stage Plays Competition

Gold - Leni written by Valeria Schulczova

Silver - Hostages written by Peter Scherhaufer

Bronze - Seven Days Delay written by Peter Scherhaufer

Science Fiction Competition

Gold - White Calm written by Sid Bodalia

Silver - Beasts of Burden written by John Riley

Bronze - Chasing Sunrise written by Pamela Burns

Short Script Competition

Gold - Sunflower Care written by Della Vance Greenawalt

Silver - Deception Pass written by Erik Wiese & Cynthia True

Bronze - The Clan written by Patricia Ann Gerfin

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