Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

2017 Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest Winners and Official Finalists.

Grand Prize Award

Life Is But A Dream written by David Earle

Action / Adventure Competition

Gold- Beyond The Painted Line written by Theresa Tierney

Silver- Virtuality written by Alex Nava

Bronze- The Deceivers written by Tom Cosgrove

Comedy Competition

Gold- Men, Meet Women written by Philip Centanni

Silver- Camp Commander written by Greg Hill & Walt Griggs

Bronze- The Wedding Photographer written by Emad Asfoury

Concepts / Treatments Competition

Gold- Regret written by Peter Engelmann

Silver- Dank Larfie written by Richard C Haverick

Bronze- My Roots, My Home written by Jess Teong

Drama Competition

Gold- Marriage for Beginners written by Radu Olievschi

Silver- Sunflower written by Willie Warren

Bronze- The Ring Game written by Rian Stockett & Ruth Stockett

Family Film Competition

Gold- The Moonbeam Fisherman written by John Dummer

Silver- A Kite Tale written by Timothy Ware

Bronze - The Joyrider written by Kirk Davis & Hubert Pedroli

Historical / Biographical Competition

Gold- Uncle Frits written by Charles Derykus

Silver- Slaves to the Rhythm written by Terry Connell

Bronze - Revenge at Redemption Flats written by Rod Hudgins

Horror Competition

Gold- The Blue Room written by Larry Collins & Ramey Hall

Silver- Venor written by Matt Nye

Bronze- Blood Rite written by Phillip Smith

Science Fiction Competition

Gold- Evolution written by Alex Nava

Silver- The Last Prison written by Richard Geiwitz

Bronze- The Paradox Man written by Larry Thomas

Short Screenplays Competition

Gold- Dog Years written by Jeremy Storey

Silver- Selah Selam written by Michael Vincent Montgomery

Bronze- Full Figured written by Aliya Jackson

Stage Plays Competition

Gold- The Farm written by Mary Anzalone

Silver- Kill The Critic! written by Todd Wallinger

Bronze- Dudley written by Bo Price

Thriller Competition

Gold- "The Dress" written by Bill Brock

Silver- The Chain written by Jeff Woodard

Bronze- Killing Moses written by Ricardo M Fleshman

TV - Existing Series Competition

Gold- Stranger Things - "The Transformation" written by Natasha M. Hall

Silver- Documentary Now: The Bird Herd written by Julie Rockett

Bronze- The Mindy Project: 'Gimmie A Hero' written by Angela Briones

TV - Original Pilot Competition

Gold- The Syndicate written by Peter Jang

Silver- Midnight in the City written by Elizabeth Lazar

Bronze- The Fates written by Robert Cosci

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