Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

2018 Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest Winners and Official Finalists.

Grand Prize Award

Perry written by RJ Watson

Action / Adventure Competition

Gold- The Killing Kind written by Arturo Portillo

Silver- The Will to Live written by Raymond Warrilow

Bronze- Ube Bubog, Vol. One, 'School of Hard Knocks' written by Sway Stagall

Comedy Competition

Gold- Tim Versus the Bureaucracy written by Paul Herbig

Silver- Marry Me, Later Maybe written by Jim Norman

Bronze- She Knows written by Landon Nemoto

Drama Competition

Gold- Ensemble written by Paul D. Bestolarides

Silver- Glass Angel written by Lea Ann Vandygriff

Bronze- Ghost people, final redemption written by Stephane Lambert & Don Linder

Family Film Competition

Gold- Primos written by Scott A. Lopez, Jesus F. Jauregui

Silver- Batter Up written by James Humphrey

Bronze- Kayla Script written by kate Bohan

Historical / Biographical Competition

Gold- The Pedestrian written by Brandon Kessler

Silver- Robert Smalls written by John Harris

Bronze- Oakland written by Andrew Koponen

Horror Competition

Gold- The Omega Tots written by Jeff Bassetti

Silver- Vent written by Justin Scott

Bronze- The 12 Days of Christmas written by Michael Snow

Thriller Competition

Gold- The Girl in the Well written by Richard C. Webb, Tim Barnett

Silver- True Destiny written by Joe Leone

Bronze- Dancing in the White Room written by David Sabbath

TV - Original Pilot Competition

Gold- Starchart written by Gino DeMarco

Silver- Colonials written by Ian Fletcher

Bronze- By Touch written by Robert Cox

Stage Plays Competition

Gold- Deadline written by Serge Adam

Silver- The Startup written by Richard Boehmcke

Science Fiction Competition

Gold- Rogue's Coward written by Robert J. Rogers

Silver- GAB written by Gazanfer Birick

Bronze- The God Particle -' Resurrection’ written by Tom Rico

Short Script Competition

Gold- Chloë 'Two Fingers' written by Lisa Marie Tedesco

Silver- Go Your Own Way written by Adam Harris

Bronze- Kurt written by Jessica Eberle

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