Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest


Our panel of Official Judges is comprised of professional screenplay readers and working industry professionals with combined decades of experience reading, evaluating and recognizing quality in screenplays and cinematic storytelling.

Further, we offer all writers the option of receiving detailed feedback from our expert judges so you can see exactly how your script was scored. By providing screenwriters with articulate, comprehensive, and constructive feedback, screenwriters receive a wealth of valuable insights and ideas for further developing both their stories and their craft.

Your judge will prepare a multi-page, candid and professional assessment of your screenplay consisting of his or her detailed thoughts, criticisms, and constructive ideas about your screenplay, along with thorough feedback regarding your script's strengths, weaknesses, characters, pacing, plot, structure, marketability and overall quality and originality. This feedback will contain a detailed explanation of how your script scored and why and will be emailed to you in PDF format.

Evaluation Process

Judging is completly anonymous.  Even so, no judges are assigned entries to evaluate if any conflicts of interest are apparent.

During each round of evaluation, the judges are assigned screenplays randomly. The judges thoroughly read each assigned screenplay and return their scores along with a personal assessment including commentary and specific reasoning as to how and why an entry was scored.

Judging Criteria

All entries are judged on a subjective numerical scale giving equal weight to each of the below attributes.

The general idea of the story.

The professionalism and presentation along with adherence to industry standard script formatting as well as correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage.

The structural design or framework of the screenplay. A good screenplay should include the effective and well-planned use of each act and sequence and plot point.

The series of conflicts, obstacles, events, and actions contained within and used to advance the story.

The pace and timing with which plot elements occur and characters develop.

The originality, believability, distinctiveness, and purpose of the characters contained with the story.

The quality of communication and verbal exchanges between characters used to advance the story, deftly and subtly provide exposition, and add depth to characters.

The overall subtext or message behind the story. Hint – this should be subtle.

The overall quality and style of the screenwriting and use of the medium to effectively communicate visual messages, information, and story.

Commercial Potential
The overall appeal and viability of a screenplay in the Hollywood marketplace.

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