Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest


I live outside the United States. Can I still enter the contest?
Yes, entrants from anywhere in the world are eligible to enter the contest.  However, all scripts should be submitted in English.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal.

If I win will I have to assign you any rights to my script or any percentage of future profits?
Absolutely not. You retain 100% of ALL rights to your work.  Participation in our contest does not convey any rights or future profits to us whatsoever.

Can I submit my screenplay online?
Yes.  You can submit your script digitally through FilmFreeway. We prefer .PDF format but we also accept Movie Magic, Final Draft and Microsoft Word and Text files. We do not accept hardcopy submissions anymore.

How will you use the contact information I give you?
Your contact information will only be used by our staff to communicate to you directly about your entry's status in the contest. We will NEVER share your information with any other person or business.

Can I enter my screenplay in more than one category?
Yes, you may submit your screenplay into multiple categories if appropriate. It’s entirely up to you. A project may win in multiple catgegories.

Do you accept novels or short stories?
No, we do not accept novels or short stories.

Do you accept scripts for animated films and musicals?
Yes.  Most of these scripts are entered in the Family Film category, but they can also be entered into any other category you feel is fitting, such as Sci-Fi, Horror, etc.

I entered the contest last year. Can I submit the same script again this year?
Yes. We always encourage writers to develop and improve their work. So as long as your screenplay has not won an award in our contest previously, you are welcome to submit it again.  It will be considered in the same manner as any new screenplay entry.

Can I submit more than one screenplay?
Yes, you may enter as many scripts as you like into the contest.

My screenplay is longer than 150 pages. Will it be disqualified?
No, your script will not be disqualified if it is longer or shorter than the lengths we specify; however, we highly recommend that you adhere to our standard guidelines. The Judges who are reading and evaluating your work are industry professionals, and any deviation from standard page count and format may put you at a disadvantage.

What information do you want on the title page of my script?
Please send us a standard title page including the title of your script, author’s name(s), address, phone number and email address. This is for our record keeping purposes only and will not be shared with any other third parties, ever.

Will entering early increase or decrease my chance of winning?
Entering early will not affect your chance of winning, but you will receive a discount for earlier entries.  We like to give our Judges as much time as possible to read and evaluate all of the submissions.

What if my script doesn’t arrive by the deadline?
The deadlines apply to the date of electronic transmission. As long as your entry and payment are transmitted electronically on or before the deadlines you're all set.

How will I know you received my entry?
If you submit your script online, you’ll receive an email message from FilmFreeway with a Tracking Number assigned to your entry.

Can I send you the revised pages or an updated script after I have submitted?
Once you’ve submitted your entry we cannot accept any rewrites, revisions, or corrected pages under any circumstances. If you wish to submit a new draft of your script, you may enter it as a new entry. However, unless you’ve made extensive and substantial revisions, we do not encourage this.

After the contest will you send me my Judges’ comments about my script?
Only if you choose the option to receive Judge’s Feedback when you enter.  If you choose to receive Judge's Feedback, your professional screenplay judge will write for you a multi-page candid and professional assessment of your screenplay consisting of his or her detailed thoughts, criticisms, and constructive ideas about your screenplay, along with thorough feedback regarding your script's strengths, weaknesses, characters, pacing, plot, structure, marketability and overall quality and originality. This feedback will contain a detailed explanation of how your script scored and why and will be emailed to you in PDF format.

When will I receive my Judge’s Feedback?
Your Feedback will be emailed to you in .PDF format no later than 1 week subsequent to the announcement of the Winners and Official Finalists, but oftentimes we try to return feedback within just a couple weeks after entry.

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